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Woodworking Hand Saws

Some are designed to create tension on the blade. For example, hacksaw blades feature a c-shaped frame that connects to both ends of the thin saw blade. A tension adjustment allows you to increase the tension of the blade, making it more rigid. Some saws can create blade tension up to 50,000 pounds per square inch , creating the rigidity needed to cut harder materials like metal. It sliced through wood at least twice as fast as most of the other saws. On a single-blade stroke through a piece of pine, the Shark went 30 percent deeper than the second-place saw.

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These saws have a small blade attached to a drill-style handle. They are handheld saws that are powered by rechargeable batteries or corded electric. They are versatile enough to be used on a variety of projects, from construction, home DIY, or crafting. They are an alternative to handheld keyhole saws and are particularly useful for cutting drywall, paneling, or patterns. Pole saws consist of a telescopic pole with a chainsaw attached to the opposite end to the handle. These saws are designed for pruning and trimming hedges and trees of tall heights, without having to use a ladder.

Wood Finishes

However, the Irwin 218HP Inch Combi-Saw can only cut down small trees. The handle of this is ergonomically designed with a knuckle protector that could have been sturdier. Your frequency of use is an important factor to consider as well, considering if you only use it infrequently you might opt for a cheaper model. We hope that you have found our guide useful for picking the best hand saw for your needs.

  • The blade depth can be adjusted to suit your cutting needs, and the blade itself can be swapped out for masonry or metal blades so that you can cut different types of materials.
  • With its molded rubberized grip, you’ll have a firm hold on this DEWALT jab saw.
  • The arm can be moved at various angles to allow the user to achieve straight cuts, miter cuts, and compound cuts.

These pre-WWII models have excellent steel and nicely shaped handles. You can use a variety of lubricants, including WD-40, gun oil, or paste wax. In addition to preventing the metal from oxidizing, the lubricant will also help the blade slide through the wood. Use a knife to mark the material where you want to make the cut. The indentation will naturally draw the blade into it, making it easier to cut along the line. It’s challenging to safely and effectively saw a loose piece of material.

Teeth Per Inch

From cutting wood to sawing through metal, these recommendations are ready to handle nearly any type of job. It is a medium-sized hand tool that is most commonly used outdoors for pruning trees and cutting logs. A bow cut saw has crosscut teeth that are able to remove sawdust while being pushed in and out.

Hand Saw Tooth Shape

These saws have fine teeth and narrow blades, making them suitable for making exact cuts. Back saws benefit from a stiff piece of metal such as brass or steel attached to the opposite side of the cutting edge. This helps to give them greater control and means they can cut with less applied force. A rip cut saw is designed to cut wood parallel to the grain.