• Bowl - gunmetal rim 8h x 14w

  • Bowl - white with black clay body-8h x 14w

  • Bowl - White with Black clay body - 8h x 12w

  • Small vessel - Turquoise with Black clay body - 7h x 5w

  • Small vessel Blue/green with Black clay body - 7h x 6w

  • Vase - Turqouise and Black clay body - 12h x 8w

  • Vase - Gun metal rim - 12h x 8w

Large Vessels


One-of-a-kind bowls, handmade and pinched to form.

For pricing, please contact us directly.

SKU: ar_custom

Store currently under construction. Please contact for more information.

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11″h x 6″w, 12″h x 8″w A, 12″h x 8″w B, 7″h x 5″w, 7″h x 6″w, 8″h x 12″w, 8″h x 14″w A, 8″h x 14″w B


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